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Wall decoration

When decorating a room, it’s easy to neglect the walls, but if you want to create a truly stunning and inspiring space then you have stop thinking of the them as simple boundaries and start thinking of them as an essential part of your canvas. Empress Homewares stock a range of wall decoration to help you turn your walls in works of art.

Adding a feature wall to a room with a wall decoration is a great way to break up the pattern created by the other walls, whether they be painted, wall papered, or brickwork. Wall decoration works best when placed on a wall that is an obvious focal point for a room. Avoid obscuring your wall art with too much other furniture to retain its visual impact. Wall decoration can also be used to juxtapose another strong feature in a room, such as a large fireplace or the ubiquitous wide screen TV, when placed on the wall opposite.

When choosing your wall decoration, you should maximise its impact by matching the colour not only to the decoration of the room but also to the natural light. Rooms to the north or east receive a cooler natural light than those in the south and west, and benefit therefore from a warm shade of wall decoration. By contrast, southern and westerly rooms receive a warm light this is best complemented by a cool tone in wall decoration.

Most importantly, remember that the walls are the essential backdrop of the entire room. Dull, lifeless walls result in a dull, lifeless space and wall decoration can be the answer. Pick your wall decorations as a fundamental part of any redecoration or remodelling project and see what a difference it can make when your you make your walls work for you!