Bedrooms with personality

Why is it that we want our bedrooms to be an expression of personality? It’s because it’s the one room in the home that is exclusive to its owner or owners. Whether it be the adult, the child, or the guestroom, Empress Homewares aims to help you to make that room a reflection of he or she who occupies it.

The master bedroom

The central of the three types of bedrooms, and the one most likely to belong to the owner, the master bedroom is at once a central focus of the house and the private citadel of the home owner. The bed is generally the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, and Empress Homewares takes pride in complementing the bed with the exquisite bedside tables and bedroom suites for him and her. Cushions, throw rugs, valances, duvet covers, pillows with matching sheets – all these help express the style and unique look that the owner of the house covets.

The children’s rooms

Kids love to have their own place; to play, to study, to indulge in hobbies, or just to dream. The kids’ rooms should never be neglected and Express Home Wares help to combine that look that says “this room is mine” for the children, with the practical need of the home owner. How can you keep these rooms so that the children feel at home, without their rooms becoming a jarring note in the home’s style? We will help you find that balance between style and comfort.

The spare room

This room is often overlooked but it’s just as important as the “permanent” rooms, because this is the room your guest will remember the most. Make it a happy experience for them. Don’t have it looking like a hotel room – use Empress Homewares’ unique prints, covers, and wall hangings to make sure this is a room they will remember fondly during their stay.