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The living room decoration

The living room is the centre of your home, and you should decorate it accordingly. Whether you prefer a casual, “at home” look, or a more formal look for decorating, we at Empress Homewares can supply the look and feel that you want.


Decorate the walls

What do you want your guests to see as they look around your living area? Beautiful, ornate clocks and wall hangings that add the appropriate tone to your room? If so we take pleasure in accessorising our wall decor to match the style of the room. Or would you prefer the more intimate look of a delicate mirror or professionally done painting? If so, browse our catalogue to find that wall decoration that makes your guests go “ooh” in admiration.

The furniture

Wall hangings are all very well but you want your guests, and your family, to feel comfortable when they enter the living room. Empress Homewares will supply those couches, the footstools, the console tables and the coffee tables that just shriek home and will make you and your guests go “aah” as they sink into the comfort of the special furniture on sale here. We also supply a range of cushion covers so you can change the look as you please.

The ambience

Enter the living room of someone else’s home and it should be like entering your own. We sell fragrances, decorative flowers and candles to give each room that special feel and scent, so that guests can relax. At the end of a hard day, there’s no greater pleasure than sinking into your comfortable furniture, inhaling the delicate fragrances and look of your special room, and enjoying a relaxing evening.

At our store in Adelaide

Our living room supplies come with a guarantee of satisfaction and are delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy the experience of shopping at Empress Homewares and reap the results.

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