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Dining room  and Kitchen tableware

Dinning room decorating ideas

Here at Empress Homewares, we believe that the dining experience is about achieving that elusive balance between luxury and style, elegance and relaxation – and we know that having the right furniture is key to achieving the perfect dining ambience.

We are proud to boast having a superb collection of both antique and contemporary dining furniture and homeware, guaranteed to add a touch of sophistication to any home. Whether you’re looking for outdoor café-style dining sets for some Mediterranean alfresco eating, or something a little more elegant for a formal dinner party with friends, here at Empress Homewares you’re guaranteed to find something to suit even the most eclectic of tastes.

Whether you’re after something in particular, or just looking for inspiration, our vast collection consists of pieces that have been designed by some of the most talented and creative minds the world has to offer. Our collection includes opulent buffet tables, ornate salad servers, vintage cake stands, scented candles, contemporary wine coolers, and even tapas utensils. We’ve handpicked only the most beautiful pieces, created by the finest craftsmen, to help you add that little touch of luxury and elegance, and transform your everyday dining experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Turn a house into a home

It’s those little personal touches that help turn a house into a home, which is why we believe that your décor and furnishings should not only be a reflection of your individual tastes and an expression of your personality but should also enhance your everyday living experience. This is why our focus has been, and will always be, on emulating luxury and providing you with all the best in quality furniture and homeware.

Kitchen – the centre of the home

What do you need for the kitchen and why is it so important? The kitchen can be regarded as the hub of the home – where all those delicious home-cooked meals are produced, where the enticing scents that greet you at the end of the day emanate from. What beats coming home on a cold winter’s evening to a scrumptious stew, or casserole, or a hearty roast? The kitchen is where it happens – the centre of the home, and as such, should be the primary focus of any Empress Homewares decorating service.


The kitchen offers a challenge in that the decor must be both appealing and practical. It goes without saying that those delicious meals involve a lot of work, and in order to keep the kitchen in pristine condition, the decor must be balanced between style and practicality. Facilities that are easy to clean as well as easy to use are a speciality offered by Empress Homewares and should be considered a necessity. Wash cloths, place mats, easy to clean and reach shelving – all these can be achieved without betraying the look of class and elegance that the meals justify.

The look

The look of any kitchen is achieved by the chef who should be able to say “this is my room, this is how I want it to be”. Convenient, appealing to the eye, and enjoyable to work in while preparing those dishes that your family covet so much. As such, you as the chef want to keep it personal. The meals you produce are masterpieces – they deserve to emerge from a masterpiece of a room. Cutlery, plates, dishware, goblets, candle holders – all those simple items that truly complement a room can be found in an Empress Homewares kitchen. We stand by our products, knowing that your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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