Great furnishings can really bring a room to life. Selecting furniture that really complements the spatial and visual elements of a room can work wonders creating an overall theme. That is why Empress Homewares stock a wide collection of furnishings, making it easy to find the perfect contents to fit any style of room.

To fully optimise the space available in a room, it is important to make use of storage solutions such as shelving and drawers. Empress Homewares stock all varieties of storage furnishings in varying finishes, ranging from functional, modern, metallic shelving, to luxurious and refined wooden cabinets. Whatever the style, we have it covered.

An important aspect within any living space is seating. Empress has an array of elegant and functional seating furnishings to choose from, including extravagant Ottomans and lovingly crafted chairs. Quality seating can turn any dull and dreary room into a great living space that is perfect for relaxing in.

To really revamp a room, try pairing seating furnishings with tables. High quality tables make a great focal point for any seating area. Rooms can be made to seem more welcoming and social through utilising superb seating and table furnishings, which are especially ideal for dining areas and larger living rooms. With tables available in a variety of wooden, metallic and recycled materials, there will be no difficulty in finding one that complements the interior of a room.

Without furniture, a room looks bare. That is why it is important to select the best furniture possible for your interior. Consider if cabinets, seating, shelving or tables are needed to add the exquisite finish that is missing from the room and have a browse of our furnishing collections. You might just discover your interior is missing something you did not even know about!

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